Las Vegas residents say that semi trucks have been illegally parking along their residential street, causing a “nuisance” among the community.

The 4900 block of Edmond Street in Las Vegas, Nevada is home to many condos and apartments, but the residents there say that their neighborhood is no longer peaceful now that semi trucks have begun illegally parking along the street, creating a “pop-up truck stop.”

“This is terrible!” said Tori Clements, a resident of Edmond Street.

“I live right here and that’s what I see every day and every night… I keep my blinds closed, I don’t want them looking into my windows… Every night they have the motors running, I hear them party… It’s just terrible, it’s a nuisance,” she continued.

The street boasts “no parking” signs, making any parking illegal, but it is against the law for commercial vehicles to park in a residential area anyway unless they are “expeditiously engaged in the loading or unloading or merchandise or passengers,” or involved in construction according to Clark County, reported KTNV News.

Residents even say that some of the trailers have been dropped off there and left for weeks.

“No one will do anything about it,” Clements continued.

“I guess the police, they’re too busy, and the homeowner’s association says it’s not their problem,” she added.