An overpass in Canada has been struck two times in 14 hours this week, proving trucking schools need to “do better” according to the CEO of the British Columbia Trucking Association.

The Glover Road overpass crossing Highway 1 in Langley, British Columbia, Canada was struck twice, first on Monday afternoon, June 11th, then again approximately 14 hours later on Tuesday morning, June 12th. And while no serious damage was done to the bridge and no one was seriously hurt in either of the incidents, CEO of the B.C. Trucking Association (BCTA), David Earle, says that the recurring mishaps are proof that trucking schools only teach potential drivers to pass a test, not the actual skills needed to drive.

“The problem is, some driver training schools are teaching people just enough to pass the test to operate a large rig,” he said.

“[The test] doesn’t require drivers to master essential skills… It’s not intuitive. You have to be trained to figure it out,” he continued.

Since the incident, the Canadian government, along with other road safety organizations, have been looking into how to change things, like improving training standards, reported the North Delta Reporter.
“There are no mandatory entry-level standards (for training),” Earle added.

“[But now] we are very optimistic (something will be done). There’s something we have to do better.”

As of Thursday, June 14th, the Canadian government’s strategy for improving standards has not been made public, nor given a timeline for completion.