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Watch: Military Helicopter Stops On Road To Ask Truck Driver For Directions

The pilot was lost in white out conditions, so he did the most logical thing: land on the road and ask a trucker for help.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Releases Footage Of Truck Overturning On Police Vehicle

They released the footage to illustrate the importance of following wind advisories.

Watch: Truck Driver’s Quick Reaction Prevents Collision With Idiot Motorist

Distracted driving, road rage, or insurance fraud -- what do you think?

Semi Truck Sideswipes Another Rig, Nearly Rips Its Hood Off

The driver caught this on his dash cam.

Watch An Overpass Being Lifted To Let An Oversize Load Through

The footage was taken by an aerial drone.

Trucker Hilariously Compares Parking To A Children’s Game

This is funny and sad at the same time.

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