A car driver’s dangerous and sudden stop caused a crash with a semi truck on a Texas highway, and it was all caught on dash cam.

In the footage, uploaded by YouTube user ‘Beer Belly’, the truck is seen making making its way along the highway outside of Sulpher Springs, TX, when a Blue sedan pulls in front of it.

The sedan continues in front of the semi, until it approaches another truck that was stopped on the shoulder.  

After seeing the stopped truck, the driver of the blue sedan appears indecisive, applying the brakes before drifting towards the center of the highway.


The truck driver realizes what’s about to happen as the sedan slams on the brakes and can be heard shouting in frustration.  

After the accident, both vehicles pull over to the shoulder, with everyone apparently uninjured.  

Check out the video here. (The action begins around minute 1:15)