The paving and fueling industries in Vermont say that, in the face of a “truck driver shortage,” they may begin loaning each other their truck driving employees.

The paving and fueling industries have opposite seasons, summer and winter, leaving many truck drivers without a job during their industry’s “off” months. Because of this and the ever-looming “truck driver shortage,” fuel and paving executives in the state of Vermont have begun considering the concept of “trading” drivers, eliminating the truck driver shortage and keeping the drivers from going without a job for half the year.

“Because of the seasonality of Vermont and these two industries, there might be an opportunity here where someone who may be laid off in the summertime or the winter time, a way that they can work year round,” said Matt Cota, Executive Director of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association.

Trucking companies and contractors sat down on Wednesday, September 26th to discuss road bumps in this possible plan such as the hazmat endorsement required to haul fuel, which only 1,200 drivers of the state’s 21,000 possess, reported My Champlain Valley News.

“During the season, construction season, we’re short on operators, and the fuel industry and a couple of other industries are heavy during that time,” said executive vice president of Associated General Contractors, Richard Wobby Jr.

Some trucking industry leaders also point out that some drivers may be hesitant to participate in the “driver swap” as many of them are able to collect unemployment during the off season, making them less inclined to work throughout the year.