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VIDEO: motorist’s reckless driving forces trucker off road before joy-ride ends in wreck

“You should have stopped to give the cops the video. That driver needs his license revoked,” said one.

VIDEO: Trucker shares dash cam footage demonstrating “how pileups happen”

"Crap like this is how pileups happen," he explained.

WATCH: NASCAR semi trucks squeeze into pit row

They're getting ready for the big race.

Illinois State Police defends truckers, calls out ‘four-wheelers’

"Truck drivers... We see your frustration. The four-wheelers have ZERO idea what proper following distance is."

Police Vehicle Dangerously Cuts Off Trucker While Trying To Exit Highway

"Don't cut us off. You will get hurt, or even die!" the driver wrote.

Watch A Truck Roll Into Oncoming After Its Driver Fell Asleep

Oncoming vehicles were forced to dodge the drifting truck.