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VIDEO: this motorist tried to enter a crowded exit lane at the wrong time

The motorist basically brake checked the trucker, but was the trucker paying enough attention?

VIDEO: trucker’s medical emergency sends big rig into police cruiser

"As you can see, the trooper only has a split second to react to the semi crossing the center line," wrote the Nebraska State Troopers.

VIDEO: stowaway caught hitching ride on tractor trailer

The person is just standing on the back as the rig goes along...

VIDEO: “dash cam saves my career” explains trucker targeted during rain storm

“Did the guy back into me or did I rear end him?” wrote the trucker.

VIDEO: this motorist interrupted a big rig making a right turn

The driver was trying to make what he called a "jug handle turn."

VIDEO: semi truck uses shoulder to pass motorist on wide-open highway

The video poster says that it was in a 50 mph construction zone.