A trucker recently uploaded a dash cam video demonstrating what he says is “how pileups happen.”

The video was filmed on Queen Elizabeth Way in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and, since its posting to Youtube, has gained more than 11,000 views.

Video poster Car37 describes the recording like this:

About a week after [a previous] multi car pile up, I get brake checked on the same highway just before the bridge. There was no car beside me when I started merged over, they were in the lane behind me and would not slow up, my turn signal had been on before the white SUV and 2 vans that then merged in front of me after passing. Crap like this is how pileups happen, I am also hauling about 50 000 lbs at the time, I haul up to 80 000 lbs through here.

Check out the video of the reckless (or clueless) motorists below.