VIDEO: this so-called “erratic trucker” was caught on video throwing items at a passing car

The driver's company placed him on leave after this.

A truck driver was caught on video throwing items out of his window at a passing car just moments after driving “erratically,” according to the motorist in the vehicle.

The video, titled “Erratic Trucker” was posted to Reddit earlier this week by user -Johnny- and has since garnered over 3,000 views.

-Johnny- explains the situation like this:

“I was driving on the expressway and this trucker was blocking traffic in the left lane so I passed on the right side. He then became erratic and started to tailgate me / merge on top of me. He threw a soda bottle at me at first so then I started to record, thinking he would throw something again.”

-Johnny- does not explain how he went from the passing the rig on the right to driving alongside it on the left, though what little explanation he offers does shed a little light on the bizarre incident.

He was able to record the drivers DOT number and subsequently reported the truck driver to his employer, Carolina Traffic Devices. -Johnny- later contacted the company, who informed him that the unnamed driver had been placed on unpaid leave following the incident.



-Johnny- says that he believes the trucker was throwing apples at him in the recorded clip but he is “not 100% sure.”

Do you think this incident was worth placing the trucker on unpaid leave? Check out the video of the bizarre incident to decide for yourself.