VIDEO: this motorist tried to enter a crowded exit lane at the wrong time

The motorist basically brake checked the trucker, but was the trucker paying enough attention?

A trucker captured a motorist’s questionable attempt to cut into a congested exit lane on dash cam recently, leaving viewers to debate about who exactly was at fault.

The video was originally uploaded to Youtube by user Angry Trucker, but was since removed by the user, presumably due to critical comments from viewers and re-uploaded on another account.

In the clip, the trucker can be seen traveling along an unknown highway in the right lane, adjacent to a backed up exit lane. As the trucker nears the exit, a motorist traveling in front of the semi truck slams on his brakes in an attempt to squeeze into the exiting line of traffic, essentially brake checking the trucker.

The truck driver is unable to stop in time and collides with the motorist, pushing the car into the line of exiting traffic where it crashed into a trailer-less tractor.

The frustrated trucker can be heard talking on the phone with his wife as he comes to stop, explaining to her what happened and hanging up to call the police.

The video has prompted a slew of comments from viewers on Reddit, many of them blaming the trucker for his supposed “inattention.”

“Tough one. People were illegally using the shoulder as if the exit lane started much further back, necessitating that the car driver “cut in line” to exit properly. This ought to be 100% on the truck driver for not paying sufficient attention. Edit: Oh, I just watched further beyond the collision this time and it gets even better. Cammer was on his phone the whole time,” wrote one viewer.

“He should have been paying more attention and slowed down sooner, but those trucks don’t stop on a dime, no. Have you heard of inertia?” wrote another.

Check out the video and decide for yourself who is at fault.