VIDEO: this motorist interrupted a big rig making a right turn

The driver was trying to make what he called a "jug handle turn."

A motorist was caught on dash cam forcing their way in front of a semi truck trying to make a right turn recently.

The video was posted to Youtube on July 22nd by user SycoJack who describes the situation like this:

“The left lane here is an oncoming lane as evidenced by the double yellow, this is a two way feeder and it’s marked as such. This particular dumb**s was oblivious to this fact, as he ran the lane much longer than is apparent in the video. I even tried to wave him off and point out his mistake, but he wasn’t paying attention to anything.”

In the clip, you can see the sedan muscle its way around the semi truck and then speed off, apparently oblivious to his wrongdoing.

“For those that do not know, a jug handle is where you make a right turn from the left lane. It is done because the trailer will make a tighter turn than the tractor, potentially destroying property and/or injuring people on the corner,” SycoJack added.