VIDEO: semi truck uses shoulder to pass motorist on wide-open highway

The video poster says that it was in a 50 mph construction zone.

A motorist captured footage of a semi truck’s risky pass maneuver on a highway in Maryland recently.

The video was recorded on July 18th and was posted to Reddit the following day, where it has gained nearly 2,500 views.

In the clip, the motorist is driving along a 50 mph construction zone when the tractor trailer suddenly comes into view, barreling past the motorist and using the shoulder and part of the exit lane as a passing lane.

Thankfully, the truck makes it past without damaging any vehicles or hurting anyone, but the clip has left viewers, even those generally in full support of truck drivers, wondering why the truck driver chose to act the way he did.

“How slow were you driving?” wrote one.

“As a truck driver, next time catch his ass and get his information. Forward it to his company. Fucking dicks like this piss me off,” commented another.

“I normally advocate for truckers to a fault, but that is some Mad Max IDGAF driving…” said a third.