VIDEO: Motorist forgets the “stop” part of “stop-and-go” traffic

This one happened on the BQE.

A driver’s dash cam captured an apparently distracted motorist last week after a stopped tractor trailer brought the sedan to an abrupt stop.

The video was recorded on July 12th on Interstate 278 westbound, otherwise known as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in New York.

In the video, stop-and-go traffic is moving along at stop-and-go speed when a black Mazda sedan apparently gets a bit overexcited and fails to come to a stop, crashing into the back of a FedEx semi truck.

The video has left viewers less than sympathetic towards the motorist.

“Bet you my left nut the Mazda was texting and driving, or some variation of it,” wrote one.

“Ooops,” wrote another.

Check out the video and decide for yourself what you think happened.