VIDEO: “dash cam saves my career” explains trucker targeted during rain storm

“Did the guy back into me or did I rear end him?” wrote the trucker.

A trucker’s dash cam saved him from potentially losing his job after a minor accident in a rain storm.

The video, titled “Dash cam saves my career,” was posted to Youtube by user Leroy Hogwash and has been viewed more than 2 million times, leaving viewers commenting about the “optical illusion” the video presents.

“Did the guy back into me or did I rear end him?” wrote Leroy Hogwash.

“First time I watched I was like ‘uhh wtf bro why didn’t you just stop?’ Second time I watched I looked at the lines on the road,” wrote one viewer.

“The reason, I believe, this footage seems so unclear is because the rain water is distorting the lines on the ground and our minds are naturally assuming movement due to the sudden change in movement and the surrounding cars,” commented another.

“This is some optical illusion sh*t…” said a third.

Leroy Hogwash later posted a picture of the damage in a separate video.