Caught on video: Two men attack Australian truck driver at intersection

Traffic is annoying, downright evil sometimes. No one knows this more than truckers. But, in this viral video, two Australian motorists take it to a whole new level when they jump onto a semi truck’s cab and start attacking a trucker at a red light.

While the trucker was stuck at a busy intersection in Melbourne, Australia, a motorist exited his vehicle, reached in the driver’s open window, and started punching him repeatedly. If that wasn’t enough, ANOTHER man shows up. He pushes the first guy out of the way, and the two tussle for a few seconds on the truck’s steps. Finally, the second guy wins out, and he too starts beating the driver with reckless abandon.

Not much is yet known about the identity of the people involved in the attack. The video was caught on another motorist’s dash cam. But Melbourne’s Nine News reported that as soon as the light changed, all the parties returned to their vehicles and drove off as normal. It is not known what caused the controversy.

Watch the local news report, with footage of the incident, below.