The truck has been found. The owner says it was “dumped in a neighborhood in north Miami” and had some damage.

A trucker is asking for help in finding his big rig after it was stolen from a Love’s Truck Stop on Sunday morning.

The burnt-orange colored Peterbilt truck, dubbed “Lucky Penny,” by owner operator Michael Wester, was taken from the Ormond Beach Love’s Truck Stop at 1657 US-1, in Ormond Beach, Florida on Sunday, December 3rd.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, Wester had parked the tractor trailer at the truck stop and left it there for several days as he spent some time with his children. However, at approximately 3:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, Wester got an alert that his truck was hitting the road without him.

The GPS system was disabled soon after the alert was sent, leading Wester to believe the thief is someone who knows semi trucks.

“I’m hoping that somebody finds the truck so I can get my stuff back and I can get back to work,” said Wester. “Everything I pretty much have is in that truck and now it’s gone…”

The truck and tanker trailer combination was last seen heading towards Orlando on Interstate 4 on Sunday morning according to a tip from an anonymous caller.

Any one with information regarding “Lucky Penny” can call the Ormond Beach Police Department at (386) 248-1777.