Trucker discovers large alligator hiding underneath semi

A truck driver discovered an 8-foot alligator hanging out underneath his rig in Tuscaloosa on Monday.

It happened at approximately 7:40 the Liberty Recycling Plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

According to the Tuscaloosa Police Department, on September 11th officers received a call reporting an alligator at a nearby recycling plant.

When police arrived, a Liberty Recycling Plant truck driver explained that he had found the alligator lying beneath his tractor trailer and that he believed it was around 8 feet long.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department called for backup from the Traffic Division, Lake Patrol, and the Department of Transportation’s Animal Control. Together, the officers were able to catch the alligator and turn it over to the Alabama Game and Fish department.

No one was injured in the surprise visit.

The alligator will be taken to Gainesville, Alabama, where it will be released back into the wild.