A semi truck’s cab ended up completely inside a second rig’s trailer after rear ending it, seriously injuring one of the drivers.

The accident happened on May 14th at approximately 3:53 p.m. in Newburgh, New York.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, both tractor trailers were traveling south on the Interstate 87 Thruway when, for reasons that are not yet clear, one semi truck crashed into the back of the second rig’s trailer, forcing the cab of the first tractor trailer inside the trailer of the second.

The driver of the second rig was seriously injured in the wreck and was flown to a nearby hospital but the driver of the first rig was not hurt. The identities of the drivers involved, as well as the details regarding their health, have not been released.

“It happened in the two lanes that go south… northbound isn’t involved… and somehow the tractor trailers rear ended each other,” said state police spokesman Aaron Hicks.

One of the semi trucks involved was hauling aluminum Sprite cans, while the other was hauling lead pipes, causing a major 17 mile backup in the southbound lanes of the Thruway as crews worked to clear the debris.

The roadway was shut down for around 12 hours but reopened at 3:40 a.m. on Tuesday morning.