Think traffic is bad in your city?

Unless you live in Ontario, Canada, this one has you beat.

Ontario Highway 401, otherwise known as “The King’s Highway,” is a vast roadway that stretches across 514.5 miles from Windsor in the west to the Ontario–Quebec border in the east.

The worst stretch of the highway is the part that passes through Toronto.

It’s the busiest in the world.


About 500,000 vehicles per day pass through this part of the route across its sixteen lanes of traffic.

Traffic can be intense.

Opposite Lock explained that the volume of cars is due to the fact that the 401 is both an interstate and a regional highway for most of its length.

The 401 uses a collector-express system that was adopted from American systems. Because of this, many tourists and newcomers become perplexed.

The inside lanes are for Express, while the outside lanes are Collectors. The Express lanes are meant to be the interstate used for traffic to bypass busy stretches. The collectors are designed for local traffic.

When it comes to long-haul trucks, drivers should stick to the express while local delivery should drive in the collectors.

But many people get confused about what lane to use.

opposite lock
opposite lock

Many drivers don’t understand the system and end up missing an exit. This is an unfortunate mistake to make as they wind up spending a lifetime wandering the Express lanes, searching for a way out.

Posted signage is designed to help guide drivers.

opposite lock
opposite lock

But driving here is still a skill to master.

If you think this is bad, imagine driving during a Canadian winter!

An American admitted on Tumblr:

The lesson learned? It could be worse. Perhaps it’s time to re-think that road-rage…