A recent segment from NBC News titled Luxury Big Rigs: The First-Class Life of Truck Drivers highlighted the rising trend of ‘ultra luxury’ big rigs with interiors that would put most people’s homes to shame.

The clip features husband and wife driving team, Linda and Bob Caffee, who say their rig is probably the most beautiful truck on the road. In the clip, the Caffees show off the quartz counter tops and hardwood floor inside their rig and say when they want to live in luxury they simply get in their truck.

Bolt Custom Trucks out of Indiana specializes in luxury big rig interiors and told NBC reporters that business is booming.

The cost of ‘pimping’ out a big rig sleeper can exceed a quarter-million dollars, but some drivers say that it’s a solid investment because they can spend more time on the road, and earn more, because they never get sick of being inside their truck.