A town in Texas is cracking down on semi trucks passing through the city, limiting the roads big rigs are allowed to drive on.

A few weeks ago, Midland, Texas put up brand new signs instructing trucks to use Loop 250 and Interstate 20 rather than using roads that take them through town – an attempt to reduce damage and “safety issues.”

“It’s something the citizens have wanted us to do for a while… making roads safer is a top priority,” said Councilman John B. Love to the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

Now that the city has erected signs notifying truckers of the city code – trucks with three or more axles are not permitted within the city unless they have a local destination, the Midland Police Department will begin enforcing the rules, ticketing truckers who ignore the signs and fail to use the “truck routes.”

The acceptable “truck routes” in Midland are as follows:

— I-20 in its entirety within city limits.
— Loop 250 in its entirety within city limits.
— State highways 158, 191 and 349 in their entireties within city limits.
— Business SH 349 from Loop 250 to State Highway 349.
— Fairgrounds Road from the south city limit to its northern terminus.

When trucks have a destination inside the city, acceptable “local truck routes” are as follows:

— Wadley Avenue in its entirety.
— Business SH 158 from Loop 250 to West Wall Street.
— Business 20 from the west city limit to the east city limit.
— West Wall Street from Business 20 to Business SH 349.
— Florida Avenue from Garfield Street to Lamesa Road.
— Garden City Highway from Lamesa Road to I-20.
— Midland Drive from Business SH 158 to Loop 250.
— Midkiff Road from the south city limit to Loop 250.
— Garfield Street from West Wall Street to the south city limit.
— Business SH 349 from I-20 to Loop 250.
— Scharbauer Drive from Business SH 349 to Golf Course Road.
— Golf Course Road from Scharbauer Drive to Business SH 158.
— Farm-to-Market Road 307 from Lamesa Road to the east city limit.