Teens arrested for throwing rocks from overpass, hitting 24 vehicles and shattering truck’s windshield

Three teenagers were arrested on Tuesday night after throwing rocks off of an overpass, hitting at least 24 vehicles and shattering a trucker’s windshield.

It happened on Tuesday, September 12th, in St. Charles County, Missouri.

According to KMOV St. Louis, police were called to the area after several victims reported being struck by objects while driving under the Wentzville Parkway overpass on Interstate 70.

Police were dispatched to the area and caught three teens in the act, one 16-year-old and two 17-year-olds.

Police say that approximately 24 cars were damaged by the flying rocks, including a semi truck.

Truck driver Scott Westmoreland was driving beneath the overpass when he heard a loud crack.

“At first I thought I got shot at because of the crack in the windshield and the impact and the glass shattering,” Westmoreland said.

“[I could have lost] control of the vehicle, I could have hit somebody else and run off the side of the road and kill myself and my team driver,” he said.

Westmoreland will be unable to get back on the road for at least 2 days as he awaits the repair of his windshield.

Similar incidents have been reported in the area in the last few weeks. Charges are currently pending against the three teens.