Samsung recently put out a new commercial called “The Safety Truck”, highlighting a piece of technology that’ll help automobiles pass big trucks that are holding them up.

As you can see in their YouTube video, a huge screen is placed on the back of the semi trailer which displays the road in front of the truck, as captured by a camera installed on the front of the vehicle.

The technology was created to solve the “problem” of passenger vehicles getting stuck behind slow moving semi trucks on narrow roads, and not being able to see in front of the truck in order to pass it safely.

Obviously, this kind of technology is nothing groundbreaking, it’s just a camera and a screen after all. While it may be a novel idea, it’s hard to imagine any company footing the bill for a new camera system in order to make it easier for cars to pass.

If there was an award for the most unnecessary piece of technology — this might just take the cake.