Port of Virginia to spend $1.5 million to help truckers get loaded faster

The Port of Virginia has received a federal grant to build a $1.5 million truck reservation system to help truckers get loaded faster and reduce wait times.

The Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment grant award was announced on Wednesday, October 4th.

The grant was presented to the Virginia Port Authority by the Federal Highway Administration for their proposed state-of-the-art truck reservation system.

“The Integrated Truck Reservation System will reduce processing time at the in-gate by prepopulating information into the gate transaction when the driver arrives at the kiosk. It will also eliminate trouble tickets and related processing time by verifying booking information and allowing a trucker or dispatcher to resolve any issues with a booking before the driver ever arrives at the gate,” Port of Virignia officials explained.

This reservation system will “reduce delay for truck operators entering the terminals and create an efficient and reliable process for moving containers in and out of the port,” read a Federal Highway Administration Press Release.

“Technology is the future of U.S. transportation,” Acting Federal Highway Administrator Brandye L. Hendrickson said.

“With innovation such as this, we are making it easier for state and local officials to address the growing congestion problems of our nation’s highway system,” Hendrickson added.