Police search for hit-and-run suspect that caused BMW to plow into tractor trailer

Police are on the search for a car that cut off another motorist and sent them spinning into the side of a moving tractor trailer.

The incident happened on Wednesday, August 9th on the 10 Freeway, near Colton, California and was captured on a nearby motorist’s dash cam.

According to Alan Parcero, the son of the victim, Mrs. Parcero was driving her BMW west on the 10 Freeway near the Pepper/Riverside exit when an Infinity G37 began driving erratically, switching lanes and swerving through traffic.

The Infinity attempted to squeeze between a tractor trailer and Parecero’s BMW, sideswiping the BMW and sending it spinning out of control.

The BMW eventually struck the side of the trailer and became wedged underneath, while the Infinity then fled the scene.

A nearby motorist stopped to help and offer up footage of the wreck captured by his dash cam. The driver of the BMW was able to walk away from the incident with only “minor cuts and bruises.”

“Truly blessed no lives were lost,” said Parcero.

“Thank you BMW for building a safe car structurally, but the airbags didn’t f*****g deploy,” he added.

The vehicle in question is an Infinity G37, thought to be year model 2013, 2014, or 2015. Anyone with information is asked to contact local police.