Paramedic killed after collision with tractor trailer

A paramedic was killed after an ambulance crashed into a stalled semi truck on Interstate 94 on Monday night.

It happened on October 9th at approximately 7 p.m. in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

According to CBS Minnesota, at around 6:45 p.m. a semi truck pulled over onto the median near the Interstate 694 and Interstate 94 split due to mechanical issues. Around 15 minutes later, the tractor trailer was being hooked up to a tow truck when an ambulance merged across the highway from I-694 to I-94. The ambulance then crashed into the stalled semi truck.

The ambulance driver, 27-year-old Susanna Grace Kelly, was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. The paramedic in the passenger seat of the ambulance, 24-year-old Marina Gayledeste Challeen, was killed in the accident.

The truck driver, 44-year-old Paulette Alicia Mejia, as well as the tow truck driver, who has not been identified, were not injured in the incident.

The ambulance did not have its emergency lights on at the time of the crash. There were no patients on board.

According to KARE 11, I-694 was shut down for approximately 4 hours, diverting traffic onto I-94, as crews worked to clean up the mess.