A tanker truck hauling hazardous materials collided with some parked cars in Massachusetts on Monday, coming to a stop on top of the vehicles and prompting an evacuation of a nearby neighborhood.

The accident happened on July 2nd at around 5:30 a.m. in Northbridge, Massachusetts.

According to Boston CBS Local, the Cape Cod gas truck crashed into two cars parked along Linwood Avenue, accidentally dragging them down an embankment before coming to a stop on top of the vehicles, puncturing the tanker and creating a small hazardous spill of unidentified material.

Witness Rick Masnyk says that he unnamed truck driver appeared to have “limped and rubbed his head” after exiting his wrecked rig. He was then transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance. The two cars seem to have been empty, as no other injuries have been reported.

The surrounding neighborhood was then evacuated, and a hazmat team was called as crews worked to clear the unidentified hazardous substance.

As of 9:25 a.m., the area was still being cleared and the neighborhood, still under evacuation.