A temporary jail built using four semi truck trailers was opened in Missouri on Wednesday.

The new, ‘open-air space’ facility was opened on November 1st in Greene County, Missouri as county officials await the passing of a tax that will allow for the construction of a new, permanent facility.

According to Ozarks’ First, four semi truck trailers were modified and fitted together to create a ‘dorm style’ layout with 108 beds, an eating area, and an open, mesh-topped yard space in the middle. Inmates will even have access to phones and video phones in the new, temporary housing.

“If you think about it, in theory, semi truck trailers and putting people in a parking lot, it might not work,” said Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott.

“We have inmates and our staff in here together, we’ll have two correctional officers in here at all times. Less fights and we tend to learn more about something that’s going to happen in this type of environment.”

Arnott says the new facility is 95% complete, and that he needs to fill 22 guard positions before the facility can be up and running.

Though a bit unconventional, the temporary housing constructed from semi trailers costs about half as much to operate as a traditional jail, with the trailer housing costing approximately $22 per inmate per day, as compared to the approximately $45 spent per inmate per day in a regular jail.

“Hopefully our tax will pass on November 7th,” added Arnott.

“If the tax passes will look forward to building our 12 or 14 hundred bed jail and utilizing this as long as we need it.”