Illinois State Police is ramping up enforcement of commercial vehicles along Interstate 57, promising a lot more traffic stops and inspections of commercial tractor trailers in the area.

The crackdown began on Wednesday, August 2nd on Interstate 57 in Williamson County, Illinois.

Illinois’s 13th congressional district is using federal funding to finance the operation. They plan on hiring additional troopers that will specifically focus on policing tractor trailers in the area, reported local WSIL.

Illinois State Trooper Joey Watson says they’re focusing on semi trucks because of their “potential to cause a lot of damage.” Truck drivers who pass through the area can expect more frequent traffic stops and level 3 inspections, according to Watson.

“It’s making sure that the driver is not fatigued. It’s making sure that all their paperwork is in order, making sure they’ve been checked over by a doctor and are fit to drive,” he added.