A truck driver trapped inside his flaming rig was pulled from the blaze by a Good Samaritan on Sunday.

The incident happened in Rockcastle County, Kentucky at approximately 5:00 p.m. on May 13th.

According to WKYT News, the semi truck was at the intersection of Highway 150 and Highway 70 near Brodhead when, for unknown reasons, the semi truck crashed, sparking a fire that soon engulfed the big rig.

Witnesses to the crash then sprang into action, rushing to the blazing tractor trailer and fighting to pull the truck driver form the wreckage.

“They were yelling and screaming, trying to get something to pry the guy out because the trailer was on fire already,” said Sam Hamilton, one of the witnesses there at the time of the crash.

Hamilton says the group used fence posts to pry the stuck driver’s leg loose and one brave passerby was eventually able to reach into the cab and pull the truck driver from the flames.

“The guy who crawled in the truck’s the hero,” continued Hamilton.

“I mean the diesel was just blazing. That guy is amazing. He wasn’t leaving without him. To see him stay in there, and it was getting hotter, and everybody was yelling to get out because the tires were exploding, but the guy stayed in there the whole time.”

Hamilton says that, once the truck driver was rescued, the man who pulled him from the fire just got back into his vehicle and left without leaving so much as a name.

“He left and we don’t even know his name. I wish I could have shaken his hand and said ‘thank you’ myself but when he was done he just left.”

The current condition of the truck driver has not been made clear, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

The incident shut down traffic on Highway 150 between Highway 70 and Highway 27 for around 10 hours as crews worked to quench the remaining flames and clear the roadway. The roadway has since been reopened.

The incident is still under investigation.