The FMCSA has proposed a rule that may make it easier for diabetic truckers to get on the road.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced on Monday, August 7th that it is proposing a rule that will eliminate the extra exemption requirement put on insulin using truck drivers.

Instead of having to formally apply to the FMCSA for an exemption, diabetic truckers will be able to receive their medical certificate based solely on the medical examiner’s authority.

A simple assessment form submitted to the medical examiner would replace the formal exemption requirement.

The new form would require the truck driver to give information about their history of insulin use, their most recent eye exam, and any health complications related to diabetes that they may have experienced.

The FMCSA is seeking public comment on this proposed federal rule through September 25th but has not mentioned a date for when the new rules may go into effect.

Any comments on the proposed ruling can be submitted online at the Federal Docket Management System using Docket Number: FMCSA-2005-2315.