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Megabus nearly pushes semi truck off highway

The drivers quick reaction prevented a steep drop off the highway.

Trucker’s Dash Cam Captures Four-Wheeler Mayhem

"State troopers were extremely grateful for my dash cam video," the driver wrote.

A Truck Got Stuck At An Airport Terminal And Held Up Traffic Overnight

It took them all night to think of this solution...

A Semi Truck Got Stuck On A California Beach After Making A Wrong Turn

Luckily, one beach-goer had just the right equipment to get the semi moving again.

Watch: Truck Spins Out On Boston Bridge During Snowstorm

It happened on the Zakim Bridge.

Watch: Four-Wheeler Wipes Out While Trying To Pass Semi

"We do see these kinds of things once in a while, and usually it's caused because somebody's in a hurry," the driver said.