At least 10 semi trucks were involved in accidents during blizzard conditions across the state of Massachusetts on Tuesday.

The crashes happened on Interstates 90, 91, and 290, among others, on March 13th, mostly in central Massachusetts.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, at least 10 tractor trailers jackknifed, spun out, and otherwise lost control throughout the course of the day. One of those incidents even involved eight vehicles total, including a semi tuck and a State Police cruiser car.

“We have had numerous jackknifed tractor-trailers today on the Mass Pike and elsewhere, and also numerous crashes and spin outs,” said State Police Lieutenant Tom Ryan.

Trees down have also impacted lane closure on various roadways,” he said.

“It was pretty much white-out conditions,” added fire Chief Ed Knopf.

Despite the number of crashes, the most serious injury of the day was a broken leg, leaving most of the people involved to walk away unscathed.

Because of the serious conditions, state police lowered the speed limit on I-90 to 20 mph. from Boston to the New York state line. It is not clear when this speed limit change will be lifted.

“It’s a mess out there,” Ryan said.

“Conditions are still very difficult. We would encourage people not to drive if they don’t have to.”