55 undocumented immigrants, including minors, were discovered inside of a tractor trailer in Texas on Tuesday night.

The incident occurred on the evening of June 12th in San Antonio, Texas.

Although it has not been made clear whether the police purposely stopped the big rig, or simply saw it parked and decided it needed to be investigated, according to News 4 San Antonio, the semi truck was stopped in the alleyway at the 8400 block of Greenbriar near Loop 410 behind Greenbrier Apartments, just across the highway from the San Antonio International Airport.

As investigators inspected the truck, five people of the 55 inside attempted to escape, injuring themselves in the process. These people were then transported to a nearby hospital. Luckily, dehydration and heat exhaustion were not an issue in this case, unlike the similar incident that occurred last summer in which 10 people died, as all the illegal immigrants found inside had access to water bottles and were inside an air conditioned trailer.

An unaffiliated person watching live coverage of the event, Armando Colunga, is also reported to have ordered pizza for the 55 people as they waited for officials to make the next move.

The group of illegal aliens, all from Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras, were then loaded onto buses and taken into the custody of Homeland Security. It is unknown if and when they will be released.

Details regarding the investigation have not yet been released by officials, so it is not clear whether it was an immigrant smuggling or human trafficking incident.