Watch: Take A Look Inside The World’s First Hydrogen-Electric Semi Truck

The Nikola Motor Company unveiled its long-awaited Nikola One hydrogen-powered semi truck in Salt Lake City on Thursday. The electric semi truck will be in mass production and ready to haul goods across the country in 2020.

The company stated the Nikola One will have a range of 800 to 1,200 miles between refueling stops. This means the class 8 truck — if running at peak efficiency — could reach Cheyenne, Wyoming from San Francisco on a single tank of hydrogen fuel.

The truck provider further announced plans to build hydrogen refueling stops along the highways of the United States and Canada. Set to open in 2019, Nikola will start building the specialized fuel stations in 2018.


Nikola One’s built-in navigation system will work out the most profitable route between destinations, said company CEO Trevor Milton. The dashboard will feature a large display similar to those found in Tesla models.

The big rig company is still looking into where it will build the new trucks and will announce the decision sometime during the first half of 2017. Trucking company Ryder will provide for the sale and maintenance of the vehicles in its more than 800 locations, Milton further announced on Thursday.

Fuel for all trips will be covered by the 72-month leasing program the company is set to offer.

The company also took advantage of the launch to introduce its Nikola Two model. It possesses the same range performance as the One but with a smaller cab and higher maneuverability.

To be rolled out in 2020, both models feature an electric motor connected to each wheel to help with take off. The motor works as a result of torque vectoring and braking.

Milton said Nikola will be releasing information on pricing for the two vehicles soon.