Trump administration: ‘Truckers will be the number one beneficiaries of Trump’s tax plan’

President Donald Trump will be in Harrisburg, Pennslyvania, today, pitching his tax plan to truckers.

Trump’s tax plan has been criticized by opponents as a massive tax cut for the rich, while only having moderate to minor benefits for ordinary Americans. In order to counter this view, President Trump is expected to argue that his tax plan is indeed a benefit to working-class Americans, and he plans to use truck drivers as a prime example.

“Truckers will be the No. 1 beneficiaries of President Trump’s tax plan,” a senior White House official told reporters on Oct. 10. “Nothing gets done in America without the hard-working men and women of the trucking industry.”

“When your trucks are moving, America is growing. That is why my administration is taking historic steps to remove the barriers that slow you down,” he’s expected to say, according to excerpts provided by the White House.

“America first means putting American truckers first,” Trump will add.

There are expected to be several truck drivers in attendance during Trump’s speech.

Trump’s tax plan is expected to lower the amount of tax brackets, and drastically cut rates for corporations and individuals. The White House says the typically American family will save approximately $4,000 per year with the new tax plan.