staged semi truck accident

Staged auto crashes involving a vehicle and a big rig is a growing problem around the world.

Insurance fraud is estimated to cost $80 billion annually.

When a big rig is involved, the fraudster usually cuts in front of a moving truck without signaling and jams on the brakes to cause a rear end collision.

This is often called the swoop and squat scam.

The fraudulent “victim” then files an insurance claim for monetary damages. Truck drivers are prime targets in scams like these due to the truck’s massive size and high insurance requirements.

This is why every commercial truck driver should be equipped with a dash cam. The video always tells the truth and has helped many drivers and trucking companies fight back against fraudsters looking to make a quick buck.

The video below is a prime example of insurance fraud against a trucker. Although it was filmed in Russia, these incidents happen all over the world, including the U.S.

Have you ever been a victim of a scam like this?