Trucker follows GPS through unfamiliar road, ends up under low overpass

A truck driver who was traveling in unfamiliar territory got stuck after following his GPS into a low overpass.

The incident happened between Park Drive North and River Drive North in Great Falls, Montana on Friday.

According to local KRTV-3 News, the trucker told police he was unfamiliar with the area and was following his GPS. He says he didn’t see the height restriction signs before driving into the 12’6″ overpass around 1 p.m.

The truck, owned by Red Leaf of Canada, was hauling lumber to Arizona.

“I called dispatch, the company, and the company is probably sending another trailer, where the load will be transferred. And after transferring the load we are heading to Arizona. We are hoping that it will take place today. Hopefully things get better and we are able to move from here. Hopefully, the sooner the better because the family is waiting for us back home,” the truck’s passenger (co-driver), Hemsagar Sharma, said.

The driver was charged with “failure to pay attention to road signs.”

The road was shut down for nearly 5 hours and has since reopened.