In Charlotte, North Carolina, demonstrators gathered to protest the death of a black man shot by police.

The protest turned violent and led to the destruction of semi trucks and the closure of an interstate.

The protest was prompted by an incident that occurred on September 20th. According to NOLA, when police attempted to serve a man with a warrant, they spotted Keith Lamont Scott who appeared to be armed and dangerous. An officer fired a shot and killed him.

Street protests over the man’s death began on Tuesday and continued into Wednesday morning. The crowd began chanting “black lives matter” and “hands up don’t shoot.” The once harmless protest took a turn for the worse when demonstrators began to smash out windows of police cars.

Police officers wearing riot gear shot rubber bullets and used tear gas to try to eliminate the crowd.

Around midnight, the demonstrators caused the closure of Interstate 85. This caused multiple semi trucks to become trapped on the road. That’s when the protestors attacked the stuck semi trucks.

Terrified drivers were robbed of their cargo as looters set fire their contents on the interstate.

One female truck driver explained in a shaky voice what was happening around her.

The protest continued for 2 hours until I-85 was finally cleared.

16 police officers were injured, and no truck drivers were reported to be injured.