For those of you who aren’t familiar with Roadcheck, it’s an annual inspection targeting buses and trucks, conducted over a 72 hour time period throughout North America, Mexico and Canada. This year the inspections will take place from June 3 through the 5th.

Last year, the main focus of inspections was load securement. Inspectors were looking for things like damaged webbing or chains, lack of sufficient tie downs, and anything else that could potentially cause loss of a load. Because loss of load can cause serious safety risks, this is typically an important part of the inspections.

73,023 trucks and buses were inspected in 2013, but only 22.4% of trucks and 3.9% of drivers were placed out of service. This is an historically low percentage.

Below are the statistics for Roadcheck 2013:

  • 73,023 trucks and buses were inspected
  • 47,771 of those were Level 1 inspections
  • Of the Level 1 inspections, 24.1% were found with OOS violations
  • A total of 71,630 driver inspections, including those conducted during Level I inspections.
  • 4.3% of the 71,630 driver inspections were found with OOS violations.
  • 899 seatbelt violations were issued.

Truckers, we know you always do your best to keep everyone (including yourselves) safe out there, but mark June 3-5 on your calendars so you’ll be prepared for Roadcheck 2014!