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HOS compliance to be focus of this year’s International Roadcheck

The inspection event will take place on June 5th through the 7th.

Walmart relaxes shipper deadlines in face of “driver shortage”

“We’re simply allowing the carrier to deliver a day earlier,” said Walmart's Chief Merchandising Officer.

Teenage truck drivers may soon be traveling across state lines

“If you’re old enough to join the Marine Corps, you can get the training to do this [drive a semi truck]," said a California State Representative who helped introduce the bill.

The FMCSA is considering easing up on personal conveyance rules

They're accepting public comments on the proposed changes through February 20th.

FMCSA wants to track what truckers do in their personal vehicles

The FMCSA wants to study how a driver's personal vehicle usage "can lead to excessive fatigue while on duty."

New York senator proposes new safety regulations on semi trailers

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) says it may improve safety, but doesn't believe a mandate is necessary.

Gov. Jerry Brown suspends HOS regulations for wildfire recovery efforts

The wildfire, which has blazed through Ventura County, California over the past few days, has burned over 132,000 acres and caused...

Trucker says ELD mandate will negatively affect consumers

A trucker's passionate argument against the upcoming ELD mandate has recently gone viral, describing the negative effects he believes the mandate will have on...