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These are the ‘riskiest’ roads for truckers in North America

Four of the five roads listed are in close proximity to interchanges,

These are the riskiest days (and times) for truckers, according to research

Still, the study says that trucking is getting safer.

Truck hauls 331-foot load across three states

The load is already halfway to its destination.

Truckers say parking enforcement in NYC is “unfair”

“The drivers are all gentlemen… but they can’t be here, and they know that," said an enforcing officer.

Community nervous about big rigs after 285 pounds of illegal drugs seized from semi truck

Officers say that the drugs were coming from California and were on route to Ohio.

New Mexico Commissioner standing up for truckers in debate over “No Thru Trucks” signs

He is trying to get the signs removed in Lincoln County.

“7 Tips for Safe Driving Near Trucks in 2018” put out by law firm known for suing truckers

A press release outlining tips for motorists driving around semi trucks was recently put out by a Michigan law firm known to take cases aimed at suing truckers. The seven tips, while seemingly things every driver should already know, were sent out by Michigan Truck accident lawyers Elia and Ponto, apparently to help motorists “drive safely while driving on the...

Residents growing “increasingly frustrated” about UDOT’s planned conversion of chain-up area into 40-spot truck-parking lot

"It's the worst location and the best location. It depends on your perspective,”said County Council Chair Kim Carson.