A police officer was seriously injured Monday evening after crashing into the back of a semi truck that was already stopped for a previous accident.

The accident occurred in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at approximately 8:34 p.m. on May 21st.

According to CBS 12, the initial wreck began when a pickup truck struck the semi truck while traveling along Beeline Highway, forcing the trucker to pull over to inspect the damage and make sure the motorist was okay.

As the unidentified trucker was doing so, the unnamed police officer apparently failed to notice the semi truck was stopped, and slammed right into the back of it, wedging the front of the unmarked police cruiser underneath the rear of the tractor trailer.

The police officer was seriously hurt in the incident, but is in stable condition. Fortunately, no other injuries have been reported.

Beeline Highway between Jog Road and Northlake Boulevard was closed for several hours as crews worked to clear the debris and remove the patrol vehicle from beneath the semi truck. The roadway has since been reopened.

Officials are still investigating the incident and it is not yet clear what citations, if any, will be issued in response to the crash.