Two illegal immigrants and a truck driver were arrested Tuesday after the two immigrants were found hiding in the wind deflector of a semi truck.

The incident happened on July 3rd in Laredo, Texas.

According to News 4 San Antonio, the tractor trailer was pulled into a checkpoint along Highway 83 when, for an unspecified reason, the rig was referred to secondary inspection. During the secondary inspection, a Border Patrol K9 alerted to the presence of something unusual, prompting agents to conduct a further inspection.

As they were going through the truck, agents discovered two men hiding on the roof of the cab in the wind deflector of the semi truck. Both men were in good health and were attempting to enter America from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

The two men, along with the unnamed truck driver – a citizen of the United States, were then arrested and taken into custody.

Information regarding the exact charges against the two men, as well as the truck driver, have not been released.