A cup of spilled coffee has been cited as the reason for a crash that sent a tractor trailer down an embankment and into two parked cars on Monday.

The crash happened on July 2nd in Northbridge Massachusetts, leaving at least two cars seriously damaged, knocking over power lines, rupturing the tanker, and spilling hundreds of gallons of gas, prompting an evacuation of the surrounding neighborhood.

Now, just 24 hours after the crash, the unidentified truck driver says that, just moments before the wreck, he spilled a cup of coffee inside the cab of his truck, causing him to lose control, reported WHDH News.

Crews spent hours working to restore power to the neighborhood, but Lieutenant Timothy Labrie of the Northbridge Police says that the incident could have been a lot worse.

“The massive tanker came to a halt against a retaining wall near the side of the house,” Labrie said.

“If it wasn’t for the wall, the tanker would have crashed into the home.”