Trooper tells motorists the truth about driving around semis

A Colorado State Trooper took to Facebook yet again to educate motorists on basic concepts, this time about safe driving around semi trucks.

Trooper Lewis’ video was posted on the Colorado State Patrol Facebook page and has since been viewed by more than 54,000 people.

“We had some pro drivers reach out to us and ask us to share some tips for driving near or around commercial vehicles, semis trucks, and tractor trailers,” Trooper Lewis began.

“The thing about it we need to remember is: bad things happen to people who don’t drive well around semis. Remember that a semi is not a passenger vehicle, it’s not the same… so if you cut one off it cannot operate the same way as you or I can,” he explained.

“A few more pointers,” he continues.

“Motorists…. never ever pass on the right… don’t hang out in the ‘no’ zones to the front to the back and directly to the sides… blind spots are not a good place to be. You can say ‘hey it wasn’t my fault,’ but if you’re in a crash, even if you were in the right, it’s less likely that you’re going to walk away clean and uninjured.”

“Please, drive safely, be cautious, and have some courtesy, everybody,” Trooper Lewis concluded.

The video has left viewers praising Trooper Lewis’ words, with a few comments to add themselves.

“Everyone has a bad case of ‘me first’ syndrome,” wrote user Richard Harris.

“Attention car drivers, most truckers use cameras so don’t think you can cause an accident and try to put blame on us,” added another.

Check out Trooper Lewis’ video below.