A truck driver trapped inside his wrecked rig was saved by a passing tow truck driver in South Carolina early Thursday morning.

The accident happened on July 12th at around 3:00 a.m. in North Augusta, South Carolina.

South Carolina highway Troopers say that tow truck driver Blaine Carter was driving his tow truck along Interstate 20 when he suddenly saw a semi truck lose control and come crashing through the median, coming to a stop on its side in front of his tow truck, blocking lanes of traffic. A second big rig then crashed into the overturned semi truck, creating an even larger wreck, and that’s when Carter knew he had to help.

Blaine parked his tow truck and got out wielding a flashlight to warn oncoming drivers of the wreck blocking the roadway but suddenly heard a cry for help.

“I ran to the other truck, and that’s when the guy said ‘help me help me I can’t move’,” Carter explained to WRDW News.

The unnamed truck driver was unable to get out- the dashboard trapping his legs and the steering wheel pinning him into his seat by the chest.

“I had never seen someone looking at me like that asking for help. I couldn’t let the guy sit there, so I just started ripping the dash off piece by piece and eventually ripped the seat out and got him out of there.”

Carter was then able to remove the driver from his mangled rig. The truck driver was hurt, but none of his injuries were considered to be life-threatening. The driver of the first big rig was also injured, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Carter says that, with a firefighter father and several marine brothers, helping people in need is just in his blood.