Governor declares “energy emergency,” suspends HOS rules for propane haulers

The Governor of Wisconsin has exempted truckers hauling propane from hours of service regulations until December due to an “energy emergency.”

The exemption began on November 3rd throughout the state of Wisconsin and will remain in place until December 3rd.

According to the Executive Order released by the Wisconsin government and Governor Scott Walker, a propane terminal in Rockford, Illinois is currently closed, creating a shortage of propane at other terminals in and around Wisconsin.

Because November and December are the most popular months for the replenishing of propane tanks for the cold weather, the shortage has been declared an “energy emergency.”

The “energy emergency” is causing longer than normal wait times at the remaining propane terminals, including up to 7 hour wait times at the main source of propane for the southwestern part of Wisconsin in Dubuque, Iowa.

Because of these extended wait times, all truck drivers involved “in the process of obtaining and transporting propane” fall under the hours suspension and are eligible to operate on all highways in Wisconsin. This suspension will allow for truckers to complete deliveries, even when wait times put them over the standard hours of service regulations.