‘Cursed’ trailer flips twice in one day

Authorities jokingly called a Schneider container trailer ‘cursed’ after it overturned twice in the same day in Putnam County, Indiana.

The incidents happened on Tuesday, October 10 th at approximately  11:00 a.m., and then again at around 4:30 p.m.

According to Banner Graphic Local News, truck driver Javier Madera Jr. was driving his 2015 Freightliner south on US 231 at approximately 50 mph., coming down Waterworks Hill. As Madera approached the Big Walnut Creek bridge, he lost control of the tractor and skid off the road, landing on the side of an embankment.

The wreck damaged approximately 50 feet of guardrail and left the front of the truck with significant damage.

The tractor trailer was kept from falling down the steep embankment by a group of trees, and Madera was able to climb out of the wrecked rig without injury.

“Fortunately the trees kept the semi from going all the way down into the bottom of the ravine,” said Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Ducker.

Local towing companies Curtis Wrecker Service, as well as Porter Towing, spent 4 hours righting the tractor trailer and loading the trailer onto a tow truck.

Once the trailer was loaded onto a wrecker, the wrecker headed off on US 231 on its way to a garage. As the wrecker went to turn left from US 231 onto Interstate 70 east, the trailer broke loose from the wrecker and rolled again, landing on its right side and skidding into a nearby car.

Ashley Jones, driver of the car, was not injured in the accident. Her car suffered only minor damage.

The overturned trailer blocked the I-70 on-ramp for approximately 1 hour as crews went to work righting the trailer for a second time.