Everyone has heard tell of the danger that is driving in India, but far fewer have actually seen the reckless phenomena.

A motorcyclist in India recently captured the crazy antics of two private charter buses on the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway in Tamil Nadu, India via helmet camera.

The two buses, packed with passengers, appeared to be racing each other as they rocketed along the busy stretch of road. The buses veered towards each other, weaved in and out of traffic, drove on the shoulder, and even drove in the wrong lane into oncoming traffic.

The motorcyclist posted the video online shortly after the incident and it caught the attention of Indian officials.

“We have warned the bus owners that they will lose their permit if rash driving continues,” says Gayatri Krishnan, district official at Pollachi.

Pollachi assures that more road transport inspectors will be assigned to that stretch of highway in order to prevent such situations from occurring again.

Check out the footage below.